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Missión:Strengthen the marriages of our Ministry, and win other couples for Christ; based on the word of God, in order to contribute to its growth and spiritual maturity that allows them to practice a family relationship centered in Christ Serve as a resource center to the family, marriages and other household members comply with their family duties, in an atmosphere of love, faith and freedom.


Vision: That marriages of the ministry remain united through the teaching and practice of the biblical principles of marriage. * That the families are strengthened through the improvement of the matrimonial relations * preserve and transmit to future generations the true concept of marriage in the light of the word of God, although the world try to accept other forms of relationships between people. * That the fruit of the marriages are consecrated to the Lord and faithful children engaged in the work of God between a man and a woman * that through the testimonies of Christian married couples, these positive influence in the lives of the people around them, so that is closer to the Church and win marriages for Christ.

Purpose:The main purpose of this Ministry is to guide and instruct couples to a better understanding of marriage Cristrocentrico. This knowledge gained through the application of biblical principles, solidifying the position of the husband as a servant-leader and the wife as helpmate. The change made in marriages stimulates young couples to form a marriage between a man and a woman healthy based on Christ, consequently serve as a model to the community and thus expand the kingdom of God.


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