8801 Chef Menteur Hwy, New Orleans, LA 70126


Missión:We are a group that seeks to consolidate young single adults through biblical teaching and tools which allow your integral growth.

Vision:Be a group of young adults committed to God, singles who promote the comprehensive growth of young homeless people. Targeting unmarried adults, develop a relationship of intimacy with Jesus Christ, to glorify him, strengthening our Ministry and illuminate the world.

Purpouse: The word "Ministry" means service, involves making available for a purpose to help and support others. In the language of the Bible, used for a job or mission entrusted by the Lord; and through preparing our youth to a successful Christ. This in future marriage and family Ministry aims to especially restore adult single, with the purpose of forming a community of believers that grow and develop to the stature of Christ, through the word, evangelism, service, communion among the brothers and the worship of the most high.


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