About Us

Our Vision
To be an instrument of God to establish disciples in small groups that take territories, to spread and live in Glory, under the Kingdom of God.
Our Mission:
WIN: Each human being created by God.
RESTORE: Your minf  to God's real prophet for your life.
EQUIPMENT: Your mind with tools and technoques given by God for his kingdom and creation.
CONNECTING: Each human being to the living, real God and his kingdom.
COMMISSIONING: Each man and woman to be the great Commission.
Go all over the world, proclaim the good news to the whole creation.
In the month of May, 2007, after a catastrophic storm in the States of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana, a businessman and part of his team, came to the area of New Orleans with the goal of obtaining some contracts for the reconstruction of this city.  With the passing of the days, God moves this entrepreneur, Windsor Semexant, into doing more for this city than helping rebuilding it. God wants to use Windsor to stop the satanic plan against the souls in New Orleans.   
God had revealed His calling to Windsor some years ago. He had put in his heart rebuilding souls for the Kingdom of God. Therefore, during his time in New Orleans, God changes the course of his secular plans into showing him His calling.
Windsor met a very well known businessman in the construction industry called Kenny Wood Cartin. Kenny provided Windsor with some contracts to complete the work with the city.  However, between Windsor’s secular work and during the returning of a missionary trip from Europe, everything changed. Windsor felt the fire of God burning in his interior that was moving him to completing his calling.  Windsor shared with Kenny his deep desire to starting a ministry of preaching the Word of God.  ¨Where there is an empty building, said Windsor, there I will preach His Word¨.  Kenny acknowledged Windsor and said very seriously: ¨ I am going to help you."  Kenny immediately contacted a businessman friend who had another Pastor friend with a calling to Baton Rouge. The pastor’s small temple was devastated and destroyed during the storm. Connecting Windsor with this pastor will be of great help for him. The outlook seemed favorable for Windsor, however; everything was God's plan to meet His purpose. The days following this conversation both met to discuss details of what was needed to start a congregation.
Windsor and his new team began the reconstruction of a temple they found financed in part by them and some other faithful believers. The building needed repairs guarantying a safe place to gather. In November 2006, a day before Thanksgiving Day, the doors of the Pentecostal Christian Church of New Orleans, would open to properly start the worshiping of God in that place.  Subsequently, February 16, 2007, was the formal opening of the Temple. Then, on 3 April 2007, the "Pentecostal Christian Church of New Orleans" was legally incorporated by Windsor Semexant as the Pastoral Director and Jimmy Ramirez as the Pastoral Assistant (Deputy Director of the Corporation).  Later, the vision would extend into creating the ICP international ministries under the leadership of ICP Network Ministries given to Windsor Semexant as Chairman and founder.
Today, ICP continues the work based on the vision that God put in the heart of our Pastor from the beginning; we have welcomed, and guided many of those whom fellowship this congregation, to its new purpose in God. The work of reconstruction of souls still continues ahead. Therefore we decree that we will expand the reconstruction of souls and establishment of the Kingdom of God in this city and further new territories He will deliver in our hands, for his Honor and Glory.
March 13, 2015