Senior Pastor


Pastor Windsor Jr.

With only 12 years of age, Windsor already understood that there was a special calling for his life. During a summer school camp organized by the Church he attended in his native Venezuela, God activated in his heart the love for the lost souls of the Kingdom. Ready for this calling, the young Windsor started a series of training that would allow him to delve into preaching the Word of God, and overcome obstacles that began to emerge in his life to stop this calling.


Years later, as a young adult, Windsor was transferred to Miami to continue his studies to later start his career in commercial aviation. However, an invitation to a Brazilian Christian Church in the city of Miami was the perfect excuse that God used to reaffirm his calling for God’s work.  Two years later, the young Windsor moved to Orlando, Florida where he participated actively in the Ministry through his fervent work in Missions.

Windsor Semexant is currently the General Pastor for ICP International Ministries, President and founder of ICP Network Ministry. Pastor Windsor studied at the Bible Institute Emanuel in Orlando, Florida and has more than 18 years preaching the Word of God in different areas and nations such as Europe, South and Central America.  He is the founder of a congregation in Spain and host of the International Convention "Church with Growth". 

Windsor continues to serve God and serve the purpose for which he was separated.  His goal is to reach the souls of New Orleans and the world, and get them to know God's plan, His favor and His purpose.