8801 Chef Menteur Hwy, New Orleans, LA 70126


Mission:Be a channel between our God and his people so that his glory is manifest and the anointing of the Holy Spirit Minister lives bringing restoration, healing, liberation, peace, communion, prophecy, joy and rejoicing; and as priests lead the people of God to his presence, filling its altar of love and praise.

Vision:Our desire is that our territory, be filled with the glory of God and that through our Ministry takes place a party continued praising and extolling the victory of our Lord, waiting with joy and rejoicing his soon coming. In addition the carry through dance a modern and direct message to the people of God: children, youth, adults and elderly

Purpouse:Be instrument of worship to God. The heart of the worshiper should be a heart full to God, divided. God not interested in external things, he's interested in what there is within our hearts. Jeremiah 17:13-14 tells us: worship lifting the yoke, worship the Lord is for us filter going decidenof all impurities. It is the fire which we refined like silver or gold, while higher but purifies us and as we are entering the worship to God is trying to with more things that are within us.


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