Gentlemans Ministry


Gentlemans Ministry

Missión:The Ministry of Knights is designed by God to bring together men who were called in the world and that now form the male network in ICP international Ministry with the purposes, objectives and goals.

Visión: Win all men of our territory through transformed lives, according to the model of Jesus by the Holy Spirit. In order that they may be a multiplier generation in its means of influence.

Purpouse:With the help of the Holy Spirit, Christian men receive 'Spiritual training', to put into practice these values lost in 4 areas in which more we operate we men: (A)Home; (B) Church; (C) place of work or study; (D) community.

• To become men of integrity

 • we are to be men with credibility and identity

• we are to be men reliable

 • we are to be men who create motivation and influence

Having a network of Knights "dinamico" in our Ministry. Understanding dynamic Ministry, is the one that Minister of a consistent and efficient manner to the needs of the men and to create awareness in them who have been called to show Christ to other men. God has prepared the network of Knights as a battalion of brave men who are dealing with the attacks of the enemy and challenging them on any terrain with the armor of faith and the coverage of the Holy Spirit, in order to rescue the souls by the tempter.