Woman's Ministry


Princess Of The Kingdom

Mission:Inspire women to achieve full potential in Christ, enabling them to deepen their spiritual life, to put their faith in action using their gifts to their service, thus becoming a significant part in the preaching of the Gospel and in the work of advancing the return of Christ.

Vision: Ladies network is to exalt Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God, empowering women to discover and use your leadership and ministries of home, in the Church and community. The transforming power of the Gospel, its strength will be the strength of them. Ladies network will strive to enrich and empower women to perceive their value as human beings in Christ and their role in the Church and in society.

Purpouse:Ladies network exists to support, encourage and challenge your daily walk as disciples of Jesus Christ and as citizens of the United women's Ministry ICP and throughout our territory.<br>in a more broad sense common to all Christians: exalt Christ in the Church and the world. However, more specifically, we are called to:

• Raise to women as persons of value invaluable because they have been created and redeemed. Train women to deepen their faith and experience spiritual growth and renewal.
•Establish a network among women in ICP Ministries  with the objective of motivating the bonds of friendship, mutual support and exchange of creative ideas and information.
•Guide to the young people of the kingdom, encouraging them in their commitment, and build the paths to reach their potential in Christ. Present concerns of women in a global context.
•Submit the characteristic perspective of women to the issues that the Church faces.
•Search for expanding the avenues of Christian service for dynamic women.
•Challenge to every woman with its potential to complement the gifts given to other women and men, working side-by-side to promote the overall mission.